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July 16 2017

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Team Ice cream~

July 15 2017

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July 14 2017

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After the Battle of Shiloh in 1862, many Civil War soldiers’ lives were saved by a phenomenon called ‘Angel’s Glow.’ The soldiers, who lay in the mud for two rainy days, had wounds that began to glow in the dark and heal unusually fast. In 2001, 2 teens won an international science fair by discovering the soldiers had been so cold that their bodies created the perfect conditions for growing a bioluminescent bacteria, which ultimately destroyed the bad bacteria that could’ve killed them. Source Source 2 Source 3

July 13 2017


someone say something mean to me

You can’t reach many high shelves

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I dunno about this puro stuff. Just too vicious for my taste. 


the new king of strong style

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July 12 2017

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I’m not kidding, watch it.

Man Redline is so good.

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I am thankful that I am here today to enjoy the company of such a girl as her.

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When people call you a “snowflake” just remember they’re quoting Fight Club, a satire written by a gay man about how male fragility causes men to destroy themselves, resent society, and become radicalized, and that Tyler Durden isn’t the hero but a personification of the main character’s mental illness, and that his “snowflake” speech is a dig at how fascists use dehumanizing language to breed loyalty from insecure people.

So basically people who say “snowflake” as an insult are quoting a domestic terrorist who blows up skyscrapers because he’s insecure about how good he is in bed.

People (not just “alt-right” douchebags) make fun of Tumblr pseudo-feminist identity subculture for good reason but unrelated to that, it’s astonishing how many people who either love or hate Fight Club don’t recognize it as satire

(Also I guess this isn’t technically a correction, but Palahniuk was still closeted at the time Fight Club was published)

I love Fight Club because I recognize that element of it but there’s so many people that miss the point of the fact that Tyler Durden starts acting like a dictator/ cult leader in the second half of the story who doesn’t give a shit about the fact he’s sending men to their deaths. He is the evil that must be defeated from a narrative standpoint it couldn’t be more clearer. Funnily enough the TV Show MR. Robot offers a pretty good criticism of his plan especially in Season 2.



venn diagram

July 11 2017

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Classic Horror Films 
edit by me / click pictures to enlarge

1. Dracula (1931)
2. Frankenstein (1931)
3. The Phantom of the Opera (1925)

4. The Mummy (1932)
5. The Invisible Man (1933)
6. The Wolf Man (1941)
7. Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954)
London After Midnight (1927)
9. House of Usher (1960)
10. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1931)

The order is not chronological or alphabetical. Truly irrelevant when you have to deal with masterpieces. 


This is all that matters right now

July 08 2017

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I am absolutely thrilled that they delved into Lisa and Dracula’s beginning relationship,,it’s honestly very sweet

This is my opinion but this is like a darker version of UP where we get introduced to the main characters in a few minutes and we already care for them.

Also, you really feel sympathy for Dracula…beat that, Dark Universe!

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