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February 07 2018

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brother of the year

February 06 2018

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For all my international followers who feel left out from the FBI agent jokes, don’t worry the CIA has just the man for you.

February 04 2018

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this is a good as hell digimon

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For all my international followers who feel left out from the FBI agent jokes, don’t worry the CIA has just the man for you.

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Original hand-painted production cel and background setup from Walt Disney’s Brave Little Tailor (1938).

February 03 2018

February 02 2018

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February 01 2018

Me after I spend the night with my Monster Boyfriend

January 30 2018

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I’m really good at this Monster Hunter thing





Listen here, bub, Smilin Sid Hatfield did *not* get shot to death by company gun thugs on the steps of the Matawan courthouse just so your boot-lickin self could vote away the Social Security what that I pay good fuckin money into every fuckin week. Fuck your red hat and fuck your coal mine and fuck your flag and fuck your statues and most of all fuck you.

Well, I had my dates mixed up; Sidney Hatfield was actually murdered in McDowell County, not in Matewan.

So the Battle of Matewan was an incident that happened on May 19th, 1920 in Matewan, West Virginia, considered to mark the beginning of the West Virginia Coal War.  The United Mine Workers of America had been trying to organize in West Virginia but faced considerable resistance from the mining companies, who hired a private security firm–the Baldwen-Felts Detective Agency–to harass and threaten union miners.  The miners hated the Baldwen-Felts agents, whom they called “company gun thugs,” and the sympathetic mayor of Matewan appointed a union miner named Sidney Hatfield as chief of police in an effort to control them.  Sidney was called “Smilin Sid” because he was also a blacksmith, and had repaired his own broken teeth with gold caps (!!!) which he was extremely proud of; the appointment came as a surprise to the more “respectable” citizens because, in addition to having literally no experience with law enforcement, Sid Hatfield also had a reputation for starting (and winning!) fights with anti-union miners.  He looked like this:

So in the spring of 1920, the Stone Mountain Coal Corporation evicted all of the union miners from company housing, so the miners and their families moved into a shantytown on nearby abandoned land.  In May, a gang of Baldwin-Felts enforcers armed with Thompson sub-machine guns came to drive the miners out of their tents as well, but were waylaid at the train station by Hatfield and a group of deputized miners.  This led to an awkward situation where Sid Hatfield, as chief of police, served an arrest warrant on Albert Felts, and Albert Felts, who’d been deputized by the constable of Magnolia, served an arrest warrant on Hatfield.  The two belligerent parties moved to the porch of the Chambers Hardware Store to await word from a judge, with the mayor acting as mediator.  When the judge declared that Sid’s warrant was legal while Albert’s was bogus, Albert responded by drawing a gun and shooting the mayor, which led to a gunfight that tragically cost the lives of three miners and wonderfully cost the lives of thirteen gun thugs including Albert and Lee Felts themselves.  This has gone down in history as the Battle of Matewan, the beginning of the West Virginia Coal War.

Sid and his friend Edward Chambers were charged with murder for the incident, but were acquitted on grounds of self-defense and defense of others on August 1st, 1921.  As the two men, unarmed and accompanied by their wives, walked down the courthouse steps following their acquittal, a group of Baldwin-Felts gun thugs rushed out of the crowd and opened fire on them, killing them.

Sidney Hatfield and Edward Chambers were seen as martyrs for miners’ rights against corporate greed and tyranny, and their legend helped to greatly speed up the UMWA’s organizing push.

A solidarity march in Hatfield’s name later that month escalated into the Battle of Blair Mountain, wherein the United States government literally dropped bombs out of airplanes onto striking coal miners.

I did not know this. I knew unionizing was tough, but being bombed by your own government…

Oh man, the Coal War is just one story out of very, very many.  The history of workers’ rights in this country is written in blood; it’s been the default position of the United States government and its autonomous wings to respond to labor organizing with violence, whether that’s strike-breaking, police brutality, outright murder, or, yes, bombs.  So when you’re taking your lunch break or enjoying a weekend, don’t forget that people literally died for those things. 

I was going to list some specific incidents, like the Ludlow Massacre, the Harlan County War, the Pullman strikes, the Brookside Strike, Joe Hill getting framed for murder and executed by the state of Utah … but it made me sad so here’s the Wikipedia article on on anti-union violence in North America

January 28 2018

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Girls day out!

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I’m really good at this Monster Hunter thing

January 26 2018

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Flinthook and Mercenary Kings are coming to Switch ⊟

Two great Tribute Games releases, one great platform on which I want to play every video game. And Limited Run Games is publishing physical releases of both! Oh yeah, Limited Run’s on Switch now.

Mercenary Kings will be out February 6 as a “Reloaded Edition,” the new parts of which will also be added to the games’ existing versions. No date for Flinthook yet, but I’m there!

► THE NEW CLUB TINY IS HERE  Support Tiny Cartridge!

January 25 2018


Everything is shit and the world might be on the verge of nuclear war.

Bruno Mars: *releases another 80s/90s sounding bop* 


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